1. Naomi, JAPAN
    I've been living in Capitol Court for several years. In addition to its convenient location and reasonable rent, Capitol Court is a great place to make friends with people from all over the world. The Manager of Capitol Court is doing a good job in keeping this place quiet for students to study and he looks after the best interests of his residents. It's been such a blessing to live in Capitol Court with great friends from so many different countries!
  2. Haizhi & Lingfeng, CHINA
    My name is Haizhi. I lived in Capitol Court for two years. As an international student, I felt very welcome here. I still remember the first day when I arrived at Capitol Court - the Manager, Lynn, greeted me by my name. I felt so warm and I knew it was a safe place for me. Living in Capitol Court is very convenient for students without a car. It is near UNO as well as the grocery stores. So when my husband, Lingfeng, came here we decided to still stay here till my graduation. There are so many fond memories in Capitol Court. We hope you will enjoy living here too.
  3. Donrudee, THAILAND
    I'm a Thai student who is studying at UNO and living here at Capitol Ct., a quiet, nice place and good neighbor, for year and a half. If you have decided to live off-campus, and you are looking for somewhere close to the university, Capitol Ct. is a better deal to live.
  4. Sung Jun, SOUTH KOREA
    I moved in Capitol Court in June of 1994 and stayed there for 6 years. I didn’t have a car so I needed a place that I could go around places within walking distance. Capitol Court is conveniently located close to shopping malls and University of Nebraska where I got my B.S. and M.A. The main reasons that I stayed in Capitol Court for 6 years were conveniences and affordability. I have so many fun memories living in Capitol Court. There is no place like Capitol Court in Omaha.
  5. Cornel, ROMANIA
    One of the most important things for a just arrived international student is to find an affordable place in the proximity of the university. I was among the ones who took advantage of this and I wish that all new international students at UNO to be aware of such a good opportunity!
  6. Fernando, PERU
    I feel that Capitol Court is a good place to live for international students because of its great location, close to school, grocery stores and malls. Rooms are not only spacious but also they are affordable. Furthermore, the quiet environment of the building allows students to work on their school assignments without any interruption.
  7. Dimitris, GREECE
    Capitol Court is a “monastery” for dedicated students and individuals, who are seeking a quiet and convenient place. People from several countries around the world maintain a warm and secure environment. If money and quiet is an issue, I will definitely recommend you to apply for Capitol Court. There is not a perfect place to live, unless you try to make it perfect.
  8. Myti Reddy, INDIA
    I originally come from India, and of course now settled down in USA. I had a wonderful opportunity of staying at Capitol Court while I was consulting for a software company in Omaha. There were many advantages for me to choose Capitol Court compared to other accommodations. Capitol Court was much more affordable. It provided me just enough accommodation for a single person, not having to cook. The room had an attached bathroom. The property was centrally located and near to my business office as well to many shopping and eating areas. More than the accommodation, I felt, the vastly student community who stayed there, was very friendly. It was easy to make friendships and be of help to each other. I highly recommend anyone to the Capitol Court. As a single, you experience a loving environment, a secure and safe place to stay.
  9. Elchin, AZERBAIJAN
    Capitol Court is by far the easiest solution for single UNO students arriving Omaha; it is in walking distance both to UNO and to all kinds of shopping and entertainment areas. Do not forget to make friends there to play pool, foosball or ping-pong downstairs.
  10. Sabina, NEPAL
    Why I am living here? Well, I don't like to live with roommates. Being a student I cannot afford a one bedroom apartment or studio & I did not find any affordable place other than here. Beside that, location is great and convenient too.
  11. Bilal, PAKISTAN
    I am very happy living here. I think this place is in the heart of Omaha, with all the shopping, schools, and malls around it. The tenants of capitol court are nice and are mostly students like me. I would advise anyone who wants to move in here that there is no kitchen in the rooms and the rooms are small. This is why the rent is affordable. But we do have a nice kitchen in the basement for everyone, along with the laundry facilities. All my neighbors are nice young students who are helpful to each other. Every experience I had with the management was good and I have noticed that they are always willing to help any available means they have. In short, I would highly recommend this place to newcomers because it is convenient, affordable, quiet, in good location, and I have been living here for many years and I love living here.
  12. Raed, PALESTINE
    I consider myself to be very lucky to have the chance to live in Capitol Court. Besides being the most affordable in the area, its great location makes life a lot easier for me in Omaha. The great management and employees are always there when you need them and always glad to help. The building is quiet which provides an ideal studying atmosphere. Overall, after my personal experience I can safely say that Capitol Court is the perfect residence for international students.
  13. Takahisa, JAPAN
    Hi everyone, Do you like to make new friends? If yes, the Capitol Court would be a great place for you. Here you will see many people come from all over the world. Some live here for a short time, and some live here for quite long. I'm in the second case. I love it here. In fact, I've been living at the Capitol Court since 1999 when I first came to Omaha. It is easy to stop by the rooms of my friends, close to my school, and convenient to go to shopping places.
  14. Mabel, COLOMBIA
    I recommend Capitol Court as a peaceful and safe place to live. I lived there for about 4 years, starting since I came to Omaha to improve my English, then through the whole MBA program and even when I got married, my husband and I lived there until our new house was ready. It's a very convenient place to live, with easy transportation to any place in the town and very affordable. Besides that, international students have the opportunity to participate in many community activities that allow them to get involved into the American culture with native English speakers and friendly people that want to help them.
  15. Murat Kilic, TURKEY
    When I first arrived in Omaha, as every international student, I was so excited about the place I was going stay at, but I did not know that a big welcome was waiting for me at Capitol Court. Lynn Jones, the Manager of the Capitol Court, gave me a warm welcome and later became my American mum. When I was there, Omaha was having a cold winter, but I never felt cold at that warm place. Through game nights of Capitol Court I met with so many nice American friends with whom I am still in touch. In my opinion so many things can be told about Capitol Court but there is only one truth. If I go back to Omaha one more time, I would stay at the Capitol Court... My home sweet home.
  16. Issifi, NIGER
    My name is Dr. Karimou Issifi, I am from Niger, West Africa. I have been living in Capitol court since 2003, and I like living here so much, for many reasons. First of all the convenience and the location have made this place an excellent location for the international students. You can do your shopping without any waste of time, and catch the bus at the appropriate time. Second the cost is very reasonable for international students. Finally it is an excellent place to study because it is quiet.
  17. Bangba, BURKINA FASO
    When I was ready to come to the USA, I was hoping that God may provide me with a safe place to stay, a place that I'll be blessed and be a blessing for those around me. He led me to Capitol Court through one of my friends. I found that Capitol Court is a great place for students to live, to rest and to study. I really like the location of Capitol Court; in fact Capitol Court is close to many important places such as the grocery store, mall, restaurants, entertainment center, bank, university and so on. For the newcomers in Omaha, this is a wonderful to place to live.
  18. Chamith, SRI LANKA
    I have been living at Capitol Court since October 2003 and the living experience is quite interesting. You get to experience friendly atmosphere with people from different cultures. In addition, Capitol Court is conveniently located in the heart of Omaha. It offers affordable rent, quiet environment, and variety of services for the tenants. I would like you to share the same experience!
  19. Svetlana, RUSSIA
    When I heard about Capitol Court I went there right away. The place was just what I needed. I can live by myself and it's very reasonable if you compare it to all of the prices for apartments. Place is very safe and if you decided to live there you will find it your second home. It’s very quiet if you're looking for the place to study. Capitol Court has a very good location. When I moved there I didn't have a car, but living in Capitol Court made it a lot easier for me to get around. The grocery store is just down the street, also shopping center, restaurants, book stores and UNO just 5 minutes away. When you meet Miss Lynn you will like her right away. She is the most friendly and smiley lady I've met. You will feel very comfortable around her and she will become your friend in minutes. So if you are looking for something that is convenient, affordable, quiet, in a good location that is the place to check out. I loved it and it became my home for the past 1½ years.
  20. Ayhie, INDONESIA
    First thing that comes to my mind when you think about Capitol Court is..."I Love this place". It's nice, quiet and homey. Its location is near school (UNO), mall (Crossroads Mall), very good restaurants and grocery stores. They are all in walking distance. Good for students that don't have transportation. Really affordable. AC and heat paid, fully furnished. You can make new friends from different countries where the majority of people are from that live here. Lynn, the Manager, she is such a doll. When you see her smiling, it just makes your day. After all, Capitol Court is the best place to live.
  21. Diana, TAJIKISTAN
    On my way to Omaha for the very first time as an ESL student, I was really worried about the place I would live in. To my pleasant surprise, I found Capitol Court to be a warm and cozy place of the perfect size. It is big enough to welcome so many students from different countries and small enough not to overwhelm you while experiencing your first culture shock. The fact that Lynn (the Manager) lives there with all the students tells you that she can relate to anything that is happening and can also respond to any questions that a student (or a resident) might have. With Capital Court’s good location and its relationship with UNO, ILUNO and others, it is important to note that students living there don't feel isolated from the rest of the world, which often happens when you live in the apartment complex.
  22. Steve Wilson, USA
    I have been transferred to Lincoln to finish my studies, and I want to take the time to thank everyone for their kindness during these last three years. My stay here has been a delight. The management and staff have always been friendly, attentive and helpful. They do an outstanding job. Just as important, my room was cleaned when I moved in, I never had problems with the utilities, and sounds from other residents never interrupted my studies. I can honestly say Capitol Court is one of the best places I have stayed since I began my academic journey.
  23. Ahmad, AFGHANISTAN
    My name is Ahmad Zia Rawish from Afghanistan. Before coming to the U.S. through a scholarship program, I was working with the HQ of UN in Peshawar, Pakistan. By referral we, 14 Afghan students, chose Capitol Court for our residence, which is located very close to UNO, shops, grocery stores, restaurants, metro buses, parks, etc. Additionally, to price conscious people, it is very economical compared to other places. It is especially convenient to those who come to the U.S. and don’t have any means of transportation. I therefore recommend that you choose this place for your residence. You will not regret. I found the Manager of Capitol Court, Ms. Lynn Jones, to be a person of integrity who loves God and people, and is familiar with different cultures. Presently, I live in Virginia and work as a professor of Economics, International Business, Finance, and Mathematics.
  24. Siricha, THAILAND
    Some people may think that living in Capitol Court isn't such a great idea because you are only renting one room and it is an older building. I don’t think so. I’ve been living at the Capitol Court for almost two years. The rental fee is reasonable. Plus you don’t have to pay for the gas, heat, electricity and water. It’s a very good deal.