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Making change:  During office hours the manager will be glad to change dollars into coins for you to use the pay phone, vending machines (soft drink and snack) or laundry machines. 

Vacuum cleaners (Hoovers) are available for residents to borrow at no charge during office hours. 

Postage:  A stamp machine is in the Capitol Court office, if you want to mail a letter or pay a bill. 

Capitol Court has it's own Facebook page.  Each student/tenant  is encouraged to investigate this page to become better acquainted with other tenants/students and to see "What's Happening at Capitol Court".

bulletin board is in the lobby notifying residents of upcoming events, national holidays, school closings, social activities and a free Bible study/English conversation group, plus items for sale such as cars, TVs, microwaves, etc. 

Game RoomThe lower level of the building has a game room with an excellent ping pong table, a foosball game and a billiard/pool table. 

Kitchen and Laundry Facilities: There is a community kitchen and laundry room for the residents to use, open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. located in the lower level of Capitol Court.  Small cabinets are available to rent in the kitchen for $5.00 to $7.00 per month for you to store your pots, pans, cooking oil, spices, rice, etc. 

Security:  The Capitol Court hallways, lobby, kitchen and laundry room are monitored 24/7 by Security Equipment, Inc. surveillance cameras for your safety.   Also for security purposes, the main hallway doors are locked every night around 8 p.m. and re-opened each morning at 7 a.m.  Each resident has their own key to the hall doors. 

Parking: Capitol Court’s parking lot is in the front and East side of the building. One parking space is allotted for each room.  Parking at Capitol Court is for residents only.  

Insurance: Capitol Court Company insures only the building and Capitol Court's property. The resident is responsible to provide optional renters insurance for his or her own belongings, in other words, your laptop computer, i-pod, TV, books, clothing, jewelry, etc. Insurance information will be given to the resident upon move-in. 

Bus:  Public transportation (bus) is located ½ a block South of Capitol Court on Dodge Street.  Their website can give you information on different routes the buses travel in Omaha. The bus route and schedule to and from UNO can be seen here.  

PetsNo pets of any kind are allowed in the building. This includes dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and anything else that might be considered a pet. 

Smoking is not allowed any place, at any time in the Capitol Court Building.
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