Capitol Court Company

Capitol Court Company
7070 Capitol Court
Omaha, NE  68132  USA


About Capitol Court
Mr. Richard Nolan
Capitol Court used to be a motel years ago and was converted into furnished, "dormitory style" rooms intended mainly for international students.  There are no apartments or studios in Capitol Court.    

The building is not reserved for internationals only; there are also several Americans living in Capitol Court.  With the resident’s ages ranging from 18 to 70 years old, you're sure to find someone with whom you share a common interest.        
One of the advantages to living here is the short-term rental agreement.  Long-term leases are not generally required, although during certain times of the year a 6 month lease may be necessary due to the high demand for rooms.    
There are quite a few people living in Capitol Court who have been here for many years - five, ten, fifteen years ... even two people who have been residents over 32 years!  
Capitol Court is owned and operated / managed by Larsen & Associates.  

Mr. Chris Nohrenberhas worked faithfully taking care of the building's custodial needs since November of 2014.

Chris lives in the building and considers Capitol Court his home. 

Mr. Richard Nolan provides repairs and maintenance services to the building and the resident’s rooms on a timely basis.


$310.00 – Room Rent per month        $300.00 – Room Security Deposit 
$  40.00 - Utility Fee

Please keep in mind that Capitol Court does not accept credit cards of any kind. Deposits and rent payments may be made by cash, Traveler’s Checks, Money Order or a check from a valid United States bank.        

Capitol Court pays for most of the utilities (gas, electric, water, heat, air-conditioning). We do not pay for telephone, cable TV or internet, although the rooms are wired and ready for these services at the resident's expense. Each resident has to contact the company providing these services to make arrangements for them to be installed in their room.   

Cox Communications is the company we recommend that provides excellent high-speed internet, cable TV and digital telephone services.  
Directions to Capitol Court:  Click on the link to see a map that will help you find Capitol Court.
As you might imagine, having 115 internationals from approximately 34 countries all living in the same building could get pretty noisy and chaotic without rules and guidelines. 
As a resident of Capitol Court you are expected 
to behave well and treat your neighbors as you 
would like them to treat you. Living in Capitol 
Court brings responsibilities - it is your duty to: 
1) Take good care of your room.     
2) Keep the room clean and maintain 
     it in a legal, safe and sanitary condition. 
 3) Keep noise to a minimum.  
4) Be kind and courteous to the other                residents.    
5) Wear proper clothing when in public at                      all times. 
6) Unauthorized people are not allowed to                     stay in your room overnight.
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CAPITOL COURT IS A NO SMOKING BUILDING. Smoking is not permitted in any of the rooms; it is only permitted outside.